Happy Birthday Dime! Check out tributes posted around the web.

Aug 20 is Dime’s birthday and stories, pictures, and videos surfaced all around the web today in recognition of this. Take a look and some of it below.


















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From Shinedown:

New interview with Pepper Keenan by Loudwire (Darrell wasn’t even brought up beforehand):
Loudwire: Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who has passed away or a music icon who is still alive? And who would it be?
Pepper: Well, I’d like to have lunch with [Dimebag] Darrell. That would be awesome to do that again. Let me tell you he would have been a blast on the Motorboat Cruise or any of those things. Oh my God, he’d be hanging out with me out there, doing shots with the kids and making them go f—ing apes—t.