The Complete Studio Albums 1990-2000 Boxed Set Documents
The Band’s Legendary Studio Recordings;
Set For Release December 11 On CD And Colored Vinyl

New Nine-Track History of Hostility Collection Will Be Available On October 30

LOS ANGELES – With their 1990 album Cowboys From Hell, Pantera debuted their signature sound and invigorated the metal scene while enlisting legions of devoted fans around the world. For the next decade, the band continued to ascend to the top of the music world, earning four platinum albums and, with 1994’s Far Beyond Driven, a #1 debut on the Billboard album chart.

To celebrate Pantera’s raucous legacy, Rhino will release both a new boxed set and single disc compilation. THE COMPLETE STUDIO ALBUMS 1990-2000, compiled of Cowboys From Hell (1990), Vulgar Display Of Power (1992), Far Beyond Driven (1994), The Great Southern Trendkill (1996), and Reinventing The Steel (2000). Two versions of the collection will be released on December 11, one a 5-CD set and the other a limited edition 5-LP set on colored vinyl.

The LP version of the studio albums box also includes a 7” with two rare, non-albums tracks making their vinyl debut. The first is “Piss,” a song that debuted in 2012 on the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vulgar Display of Power. The second is “Avoid The Light” from the Dracula 2000 soundtrack.

Prior to the release of the boxed set, Rhino will also release HISTORY OF HOSTILITY, a nine-track Pantera primer that includes some of Pantera’s most legendary tracks from all five studio albums. It will be released on CD and LP on October 30.

Philip Anselmo joined Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul, and Rex Brown in 1987 to form a new, harder-hitting version of Pantera. The line-up made its debut in 1990 on Cowboys From Hell. The album’s visceral combination of jackhammer grooves, heavyweight riffs and guttural howls made Pantera heroes to headbangers everywhere. The album went on to become one of the most influential metal albums of all time.

For its hotly anticipated follow-up, Pantera returned in 1992 with Vulgar Display of Power. It refined the heavier-than-heavy aesthetic from the previous album on crushing songs like “Walk” and “Mouth For War,” but also showcased the band’s range on the haunting ballad, “Hollow.” The album was certified double platinum and spent 79 weeks on the charts, longer than any other Pantera album.

The band had its greatest success in 1994 with the release of Far Beyond Driven, still the most extreme album to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard top album chart. Several songs from the album became the band’s most iconic including “5 Minutes Alone,” “I’m Broken,” and their cover of Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan.”

The Great Southern Trendkill arrived in 1996 and peaked at #2 on the charts. The platinum-certified album contains some of Pantera’s darkest lyrics (“Suicide Note Pt. 1”) and fastest tempos (“Sandblasted Skin.”) In 2000, the band released what would be its final studio album, Reinventing the Steel. It peaked at #4 on the charts and was certified gold. It features several classic cuts including “Revolution Is My Name” and “Goddamn Electric.”

CD & LP Album Listing (Vinyl colors noted)

Cowboys From Hell (White Vinyl)
Vulgar Display Of Power (Red Vinyl)
Far Beyond Driven (Blue Vinyl)
The Great Southern Trendkill (Gold Vinyl)
Reinventing The Steel (Orange Vinyl)

Bonus 7” in LP box:
“Piss” b/w “Avoid The Light” (Translucent Yellow Vinyl)

Track Listing

1. “Cowboys From Hell”
2. “Cemetery Gates” (Demon Knight Edit)
3. “Mouth For War”
4. “Walk”
5. “Fucking Hostile”
6. “I’m Broken”
7. “5 Minutes Alone”
8. “Drag The Waters”
9. “Revolution Is My Name”

New merch designs & items to Dime’s online store are on the way!

We are about to add a ton of new merch designs & items to Dime’s online store. Here is the first new item. Check out this Dime/Dean Guitars shirt here:

Get Folding Hostile with the Sock Puppet Parody of Walk! Dye hard fans: stay till the last drumbeat.

Get folding hostile in the sock pit with Hamptera’s new single “Walk”


Directed and Edited by
Brady Tulk

Produced by
Johnny Zero-Forever

Music Performance
Kitty V from 762 Recording

Texx From Creeper

Backup Singers:
Johnny Zero-Forever
Kitty V

Puppet Design
Carolina Govea

James Bedrich

2nd Unit Camera
Brennan Witterstaetter

Leigh Silver

2nd AD
Elizabeth Ortiz

Lee Russell

Lighting Designer
Daniel Castaneda

Art Director
Gabe Duron

Production Designer
Adriana G Aguilera

Art Department
Max Brown
Randall Day
Leigh Silver

Hanford Dunn
Trevor Haggerty
Ethan Moon

Conner Hocking

Silviano Moncada
Max Brown

Behind The Scene
Mario Laracuente

Brady Tulk – Lead Singer
Carolina Govea – Lead Singer arms
Randall Day – Guitar
Sean Stone – Bass
Zachary Kelly– Drums
David Jr Castillo – Drums arms

Press Release writer
Xavier Gonzalez

Special thank you:
Audio playback on Sound Bridge speakers:
Skater Socks for the many socks used on set:
Filmed on location at Gas Monkey Live:

Extras (Cowboys from Smell)
Bruno Govea
Letisia Cruz
Rosa Sanchez
Veronica Castillo
Vica Castillo
Zenaida Castillo
Michael Pisterzi
Jorje Cruz
Peyton Manby
Letty Manby
Lydia Deaver
Robert Burns
Leslie Litvik
Sarah Brownlee
Jeff Brownlee
Brian Charles
Aaron Castaneda
Nick Barry
Ian Saint
Jennifer Orr
Abraham Quinones
Marco Cruz
Rhonda S/ Fullerton
John Manby

Happy Birthday Dime! Check out tributes posted around the web.

Aug 20 is Dime’s birthday and stories, pictures, and videos surfaced all around the web today in recognition of this. Take a look and some of it below.


















Metal Insider’s Top 5: Non-Pantera Tracks Featuring Dimebag Darrell

Loudwire: Remembering Dimebag Darrell: Rock + Metal Musicians Pay Tribute to the Pantera Legend

Guitar World: 18-Year-Old Dimebag Darrell of Pantera Shreds in 1984 — Video

Guitar World: Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell Chooses His 12 Favorite Songs in 1993 Guitar World Interview

From Shinedown:

New interview with Pepper Keenan by Loudwire (Darrell wasn’t even brought up beforehand):
Loudwire: Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who has passed away or a music icon who is still alive? And who would it be?
Pepper: Well, I’d like to have lunch with [Dimebag] Darrell. That would be awesome to do that again. Let me tell you he would have been a blast on the Motorboat Cruise or any of those things. Oh my God, he’d be hanging out with me out there, doing shots with the kids and making them go f—ing apes—t.

Cowboys From Hell turns 25 today!

Cowboys From Hell was released 25 years ago today. You can stream the songs, read the lyrics, find album details, comments on the album from the band and other metal legends on the CFH discography page here::

Check out this video compilation of musicians celebrating the 25th anniversary of Cowboys From Hell! Rob Halford, Slash, and members of Anthrax, Korn, Slipknot, and more telling stories of their first impressions of Pantera and Cowboys From Hell.

The Dean USA Dimebag Darrell Commemorative MLs are about to drop to dealers soon! Getcha Pull and all the info here!


Limited run of 100 pieces. Please contact for order/dealer inquiries.

The USA Dean Dimebag Darrell Commemorative ML Guitar is one of the most recognizable guitars in the world; seen on countless stages across the globe and heard on Dime’s recordings for decades. Dean Guitars has now proudly recreated this iconic guitar for you.

Limited to only 100 pieces worldwide, this extremely collectable guitar follows the specifications as Dimes Original “Dean From Hell.”

Key features include a solid mahogany body; set mahogany V shaped neck with rosewood fingerboard and mild roll over cream binding. Top mounted Floyd Rose tremolo system, vintage Style Grover Tuners, Switchcraft pickup selector switch, DBD Traction knobs, neck angle, and the same approximate weight as Dimes original DFH.

Each instrument is painstakingly finished with a hand airbrushed Lightning Bolt motif in exacting detail to Dime’s beloved Dean From Hell.

No detail has been overlooked; Dean has even replicated the signature “The Dean From Hell” that was handwritten by Dime himself on the headstock logo that adorns his original ML as well.

A limited edition custom hardshell case and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Dime’s brother Vinnie Paul round off this amazing instrument.

More info here.

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Guitar World shares “The 25 Greatest Pantera Songs of All Time” as they see it.

Guitar World celebrates the heaviest of the heavy—from “Revolution Is My Name” to “This Love” … from “Cemetery Gates” to “Cowboys from Hell” …

Check out our guide to the 25 greatest Pantera songs of all time!

Note: This list is from GW’s recent Dimebag Darrell tribute issue. To check out a video of our exclusive tour of Dime’s guitar vault, home and recording studio, step right this way.

25. “10’s”
The Great Southern Trendkill (1996)

One of Pantera’s most haunting compositions, “10’s” comes into focus slowly, floating in on an ethereal, if crusty-sounding, bent-note Dimebag riff. The warped guitars and slow pacing provide an appropriately uneasy environment for a weary vocal from Phil Anselmo, who documents a man “disgusted with [his] cheapness” and destroying himself from the inside out through addiction.

An acoustic guitar interlude and a liquid Dime solo that, for a few bars at least, unexpectedly wanders into major-key territory, allow a few seconds of sunshine to poke through the black clouds. But overall, “10’s” is positively chilling and all-consuming in its atmosphere of impending doom.

To see the rest of the 25 songs chosen by Guitar World, go here.

Today is the 8th anniversary of Darrell’s induction to the Rockwalk.

Here are some videos and photos from the event.

Zakk Wylde performing “In This River” which was written for Dime by Zakk.

Check out the Dime Icon Exhibit at Rock On The Range!

DIME ICON is a free exhibit that will showcase over a dozen of Dimebag Darrell’s reissued guitars from Official Dean Guitars Page, and feature a Dime Tribute by Nick Bowcott!

For more info on Rock On The Range go here.

Pics from the Icon Exhibit:






The Great Southern Trendkill was unleashed on the world 19 years ago today! It debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200

Check out the discography page for The Great Southern Trendkill for album details, pictures, and relevant links. You can also stream all of the songs, read the lyrics, and find out where to pick it up on cd or vinyl. Go here:

5 Pantera Gems from Unsung Opus “Reinventing the Steel” By Rick Florino for Artist Direct

Pantera’s Reinventing the Steel never gets enough credit. When you ask someone their favorite Pantera album, you’ll most commonly hear Vulgar Display of Power or Far Beyond Driven. Often, you’ll get someone who says Cowboys from Hell. This writer’s personal favorite is The Great Southern Trendkill—and after years of convincing he has a few friends who agree. However, a little more than 15 years since its release, Reinventing the Steel feels more powerful than ever. In essence, it stripped the Pantera sound to its core. The riffs are as thick as ever and the grooves pummel with poise, passion, and power. It’s almost like the direct successor to Vulgar Display Power with just ten slamming anthems that purge with no-nonsense, no-frills, and no-regard attitude. That was what Pantera did best, and it’s on full display here.

For the 5 songs Rick dissects for readers, check out the original article here.

VH1: Dime is the #1 most influential guitarist of the modern era.

As originally posted on here.

Compiling a list of the most influential modern metal guitar players is intimidating. There was no way to do this without pissing a bunch of people off. I did my best to quantify which guitar players’ mark was being felt the most by the up and coming generation of new bands and musical movements in the realm of all things heavy. Whose legacy stood the test of time? Why is player “A” more influential than player “B”? Is there empirical evidence to support these arguments? These are the burning questions. There are some tremendously phenomenal players who did not make this list because their significance will not be known for some time. There are some players who made a big splash initially, but stature has waned in recent years. There are some genres like Black Metal where I had difficulty pinpointing 1 or 2 specific players that stood out among the slew of pioneers.

It (arguably) all started when Tony Iommi lost his fingers in a machinist accident, but metal guitar has come a long way in 50 years. Enjoy this list in all of its imperfect glory!

1. Dimebag Darrell – Pantera, Damageplan

Dimebag Darrell is definitively the most influential metal guitarist of the last 25 years. He is to the 1990s what Eddie Van Halen was to the ’80s and Jimi Hendrix was to the ’60s. His precise thrash chops are on full display on tracks like “Shattered” and “F-cking Hostile”, and yet Dime also knew how to keep the riffs simple and grooving with iconic songs like “Walk” and “5 Minutes Alone”. This sparse, low-end, bluesy chug was the blueprint for post-thrash, nu-metal, and metalcore in the subsequent years. From the solid-state behemoth crunch, signature squeals, and peerless lead playing, everything he did was 100% his own style. Despite his monumentally vast influence, we still have not found the heir apparent to Dimebag’s throne. He is irreplaceable, and I am just thankful for the legacy he left. RIP.

To see all 20 guitarists included and why they were picked and where, go here.

Dime comes in at #5 on Loudwire’s Top 50 Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of All Time

As originally posted on Loudwire here.

Let the debate begin! The history of hard rock and metal is littered with blistering riffs delivered by incredible shredders providing memorable licks that just beg you to either pick up a guitar yourself or do your best air guitar if one isn’t handy. But which guitarist is the best of all-time? That’s a debate that set our Loudwire staff buzzing.

What makes for the greatest guitarist of all time? Is it the signature riffs you can’t get out of your head? Is it the undeniable skill the axeman has that makes them the envy of all? Is it the influence they’ve given to the next generation? Is it the legacy they’ve created with years of hits and defining the sound of an era? The short answer is all of the above.

Dime comes in at #5 but to see the rest of the rankings, check out the gallery countdown here: